What are the 5 Areas of Personal Development?

Why is today’s generation suffering from so much of mental depression? May because they are not succeeding in life? May because they are not living the life they wished for? May because they are failing in relationships? May because they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities? The answer is NO! The reason for all these failures or mental depression is “Lack of Personal Development”.

Personal development is taught to children at elementary levels. But that doesn’t mean you can stop learning about it once you finish your schooling. Most adults do not continue to pursue personal development as a part of their life and this is the root of all the grief in their lives.

Now, What is this Personal Development?

Personal Development is not something that is restricted to a few days or a few months. Instead, it is an everlasting process which is simply a deep understanding of how your mind works. It is an understanding of what is going on in your head. To be even clearer, Personal Development is the connection between the person you are today and the person you wish to be tomorrow. It is a way of upgrading, improving your life so that you keep evolving with time. Personal Development is the best investment one can make in their life.

As said already, Personal Development is a growth process that has to be followed every day. Personal Development is the key to success and happiness in life and here are the 5 major areas of Personal Development.

Health – The Greatest Gift from God!

How well do you take care of your health? Do you have a plan for your healthy lifestyle? If no, it’s time for you to understand that “Health is the real wealth.”

The reason why I’ve placed health in top position under the key areas of personal development is that good health is all that one needs to be happy. And by health, I mean both physical and mental health. Exercise is needed for physical health and a peaceful mind is a need for mental health. To achieve both, meditation is the way.

With a good mental health condition, you attain happiness which is the ultimate thing the man fights for. Meditation, anger management, stress management are all the holistic approaches towards the mental health of the person. Improve your daily physical activities and mental health management activities and this becomes the first step towards Personal Development.

  • Discover the Purpose of Your Life!

Somebody right said, “The two great days in a person’s life are: The day you were born and the day you discover why”. It is true. One cannot live his life without any passion or goals. You need to find the purpose of your birth. Everybody is born with a different purpose. You need to discover yours and the step that takes you much closer towards Personal Development.

Like Mother Teresa was born to serve the poor, Mahatma Gandhi was born to make India Independent;even you are born for a purpose. Living a life without purpose is of no use to you and society. Whatever may be your passion, work for it, live for it. It is never too late to start a new beginning in your life. Embrace the talent you have, let it blossom. Connecting the purpose of your life and your passion will lead to a beautiful career.

  • Attachment is the Root of all Suffering!

According to Buddha, the root of all suffering is “Attachment”. Attachment maybe with a person, things, desires, etc. Speaking about Attachment with people i.e. mental attachment is not healthy. For you to develop yourself, you need to be free from all these kinds of attachments. It doesn’t mean to keep yourself away from people and emotions. 

For this to be understandable, consider the example of a counselor. Because the counselor is not related or attached to you in any way, he tends to remain stable, respectable, and non-judgmental. Thus, the counselor can suggest a solution. Is this not possible for normal people? Why not? Even you can be a counselor for your friends, family, and colleagues if you are not mentally attached.

What happens when you have not attached it you become the strength of that person and you will be able to help the person suffering from pain. The more you’re detached with a person, the more the beautiful will be your relationship with a person. With detachment, one can give unconditional love and this builds strong relationships. Relationships are one key area in Personal Development and for a healthy and strong relationship, one has to give up attachment.

  • As is Your Confidence, So is Your Capacity!

You become what you believe. Believe in yourself. Self-confidence gives you the courage to fight all odds that come on your way and helps you achieve your dreams. Self-confidence helps you become successful in a personal and professional career. It results in great results.

With self-confidence, one can make the impossible possible. Self-confidence is another area of Personal Development and it is a must to inculcate this trait in you. Self-confidence can be achieved only when you have the right skills and a positive mind. Whatever skill you learn, master them. Comparing yourself with others is a strict NO if you want to build self-confidence. 

  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses!

Your strengths and weaknesses are a reflection of what you are as a person. An understanding of your strengths and weaknesses is what self-awareness is. Weaknesses are the area you need to focus on in order to put a step forward in developing yourself. If you focus on improving your weaknesses, you will never miss out on any opportunities in life.

Don’t try to run away from weaknesses because many opportunities come only once in life. Once they’re lost, they’re lost forever. Work hard to convert your weakness into your biggest strength. Utilize your strengths in the right way and work on your weaknesses to achieve the goals of Personal Development.

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